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Loftiss says “Jennifer Lawrence’s red carpet looks for Hunger Games”

So I haven’t watched the “Hunger Games” movie but I have had my eye on Jennifer Lawrence the last few weeks. Since she is the star of the movie she has been  having some major moments on the red carpet. Some are a hit and some are a miss.


I LOVEEEEE this dress. Glamour all the way. It says I’m the leading lady of this thing so check me out!!!!! This dress makes her body look insane and the color is perfection. Partnered with her sex pot makeup-Well Done.


 This dress is absolutely precious!!! It’s a stunning color, interesting pattern and definitely a showstopper. I, actually prefer  the model in the dress more than on her. She is curvy so all I see is her chest. Dislike the red satin shoes. It look like she’s going to a Christmas party. And I’m not a fan of her bangs {I’ll get into that later in the blog}.

Here’s another beautiful dress on Jennifer. But sadly this dress isn’t anywhere as fabulous as the first dress. I understand when you find a great color on you, you want to repeat it. But it’s the same basic style. At least switch it up. You look beautiful just not as va va voom as the 1st look. * I’d switch out the black belt for a champagne colored rhinestone one.


This screams prep school. It seems so dreary- the shoes are horrid!!!!! I like her in brighter colors. YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS GIRL!


Because she has such fine hair bangs is not a great option for her. When they are stationary they look beautiful but in general I think it looks messy. Her hair keeps separating and looks unkept. It looks like you just got off the tennis court.

I LOVED her more blonde with long layers. This looks like a star to me. I would encourage her to grow them out and put more blonde streaks (maybe balayage?). You look like a Victoria Secret Model

To sum it up…you are breathtaking girl. Let’s just stay on the glamorous track!

If you want to see the breakdown of the Oscars when Jennifer wore this dress-

Oscars Look for Less this year-

xoxo, Loftiss

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