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Loftiss says “My 1st Microdermabrasion!”

As always, I like to test things out for my readers so you can hear an honest review. I was approached by Laser Cosmetica in New York to come in and test out their facilities. Ohhhhhh you had me at skin care!!!!! I was sent the list of procedures they supply: photo facial, chemical peels, wrinkle reduction, laser genesis, skin tightening, cellulite reduction and laser acne therapy to name a few. I thought long and hard about it and decided microderm always intrigued me yet scared me so I have to choose that! And since I was going on vacation the next week I figured it would be perfect to take off the dead skin before Jamaica!


Fun Fact! You can either get Aluminum Oxide Crystal or Diamond Machine treatment. Diamond tip leaves the skin less pink and irritated after treatment and the client is more comfortable because they do not feel the aluminum crystals blasting against their skin.

Here is the Diamond Tip used on me.

I was honestly nervous but the second the procedure began I was completely calm and thinking:




Look how peaceful I am! The entire procedure literally took 25 mins.

I have to be completely honest about the results- I was thrilled. My skin looked smooth, radiant and glowing. It was INSTANT results and by the end of the day my skin looked flawless and without any downtime I was able to hit a PR Event that same day.


Here is an outtake from Jamaica {we’re being silly here} but NOTICE MY SKIN! I honestly don’t think my skin has ever glowed like this. I tanned completely evenly and felt and looked amazing.  SUCCESS!!!

I am now a HUGE fan of microdermabrasion. I will absolutely get this done again. Always remember to research facilities doing procedures because you want highly skilled people touching your face. And for all of you New Yorkers I recommend going to Laser Cosmetica. They have 6 locations and had the loveliest staff. I died when I read their slogan “We obsess so you don’t have to”- that’s how I feel about my blog!!!!!  Check them out and definitely tell them I sent you.

Here’s to an even more beautiful you! xoxo, Loftiss

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