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Loftiss says “Oscar Looks for Less!!!!”

I was so honored to be approached by Remington Products to guest blog. We both thought it was a no brainer for me to cover Oscars Fashions. So instead of doing my normal “Hit or Miss” list we thought it would be fun to do an “Oscar’s Look for Less” Blog!  As always I’m here to help you look your best and always on a budget!


Nothing makes me happier than Award Show season. I don’t watch to see who won what…I watch to see who WORE what! Last night didn’t disappoint with all the celebs wearing fabulous designer clothes/jewelry and all equipped with a glam squad the size of Texas. I’m here to show you how you can find ‘Oscars Looks for Less’ and look just as stunning as our favorite actresses! Let’s get started:



I LOVE this vintage look on Michelle. I just want to pop her on top of a cupcake and just stare at her for hours. Vintage is soooo in and it is a great way to grab designer pieces for less. Don’t be intimated with vintage stores- just get in there!!!!  $265



This color is incredible!!!!!! It would look stunning on any skin color. This just screams SPRING!

www.lindadress -$128


To see the rest of the looks click HERE!!!!!!

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