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Loftiss says “Get the look- Golden Eyes”

As we all know I’m a sucker for gold. Jewelry, shoes, clothes, and of course make-up. Since I have olive skin I have always used eyeshadow, bronzers and shimmer lotion with gold undertones.  I honestly think it makes you and your skin look healthy and absolutely glowing. I just picked up Chanel’s Gold Liquid liner called “Or” and am obsessed!!!! If you want it go and grab it because it’s limited edition. If you don’t want to spend $30 on eyeliner (trust me I get it)  you can totally pick up any gold liner and gold eyeshadow to achieve this fabulous look. I use MAC shadow and Physician Formula Shimmer Strip.

The Look:

This is me in Jamaica last week. Not the most beautiful picture of myself but you see how the gold makes my green eyes pop! Not an overly made up look, for more va va voom you can add false lashes, see how your attention is instantly brought to the eyes.  I seriously got five compliments on my eyes/makeup that night. My guy couldn’t figure out what was different but kept saying I looked beautiful. I’m sure it was the gold 😉


Let’s check out some celebs rocking this look!

You can make it as sublte or as strong as you like. I promise you’ll love this look. I honestly think it looks great on all skin and hair colors. If you do try this look let me know what you think. TAKE RISKS!!!! That’s the beauty of beauty! xoxo, Loftiss

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