Loftiss says “Look of the Day”

I was roaming around 34th street and came across this tank and just had to laugh to myself. Some days you are just too exhausted to deal with an ‘ incredible, life altering, fabulous to a whole other level’ look. Especially with Fashion Week beginning tomorrow and I know every article I’m wearing will be judged from the tip of my false lashes to the bottoms of my Louboutins. So on days like today when I’m working from home and have no one to impress, not even the cat, this is the PERFECT outfit.

What is yoxoxo, Loftiss

2 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Look of the Day”

  1. I almost bought this shirt at H&M last weekend but they didn’t have my size! 😦 Love all of your posts and hope you are doing well! Good luck at NYFW! I would killllll to be there! Come back to South Georgia sometime soon! XOXO Krista Robinson (Amanda Seyfried look-a-like from SGPA)

    • HI BEAUTY!!!!!
      Isn’t it fab. I love this shirt too!!!!! I will definitely come back to visit soon. I’m working to Miss Alison to figure it out. Please give my love to everyone. mwah!!!!! XOXOXOX

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