Beauty Tips

Loftiss says “Super Fun Lip Tattoos”

I’ve recently seen celebs {Kim Kardashian, Giulana Rancic, Jesse J, Kelly Rowland} tweeting pics of themselves with outrageous lips. I had to know what this product was. Let me introduce you to Violent Lips. These are temporary lip tats that last up to 8 hours and are $10-15 for a pack of three. You pull the appliqués out of the package, measure your real lips, unpeel, soak with a damp papertowel and you are ready to rock and roll! These babies are vitamin enhanced with a smooth feel and glossy finish, and latex and gluten-free. I think they are super fun….PERFECT for a big birthday party, New Years, or any day of the week you want to make a statement. Check them out:


Would you ever rock them? If you are dare to try, hit Sephora, Rickys and Ultra Beauty. And for a ‘How To’ Video and more selections go to:  I MUST know if you buy them and what you think! xoxo, Loftiss

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