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Loftiss Says “Best Nailpolish on the Market!!!

I was not blessed with long, strong beautiful nails. I have probably owned 2 nail files by whole life because they peel before they even consider getting past my finger tip. I have tried every trick, every vitamin and had dedicated it just wasn’t my fate. I’d think “well I have good hair…I guess I can’t have both.”

Randomly I picked up Sally Hansen Insta- Dri when I was at Target in Georgia. I wanted red nails for Thanksgiving and I was attracted to the fact that it would dry fast. That is another thing- I can’t sit still long enough for my nails to dry and most likely ruin them before I’ve even left my house.

I have to say this polish is FANTASTIC! It really does dry fast and lasted longer than any polish I’ve ever tried in the past. Another trick is to add Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield. And you know what? It does EXACTLY what it says “Protects Nail Color from Chipping, Peeling & Fading.” My nails are so strong right now I am in shock!!! Both these products are a must have and paired together you have a perfect combination!

Last tip for the day. I’m all about going generic on certain products but DO NOT BUY Duane Reade Nail Polish Remover. The red from the pads stained my skin and didn’t get all my polish off. I’ve had better luck with CVS and Walgreens but a solid no on Duane Reade brand.

This is the color I’m rocking right now….I’M IN LOVE!!!!! Last year I was all about Robin Egg Blue this year it looks like Mint will be my fav this seaon {and of course Orange. That IS my signature color!} What are your thoughts? Will you try Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and Ultimate Shield? Tell me your thoughts on here! xoxo, Loftiss

5 thoughts on “Loftiss Says “Best Nailpolish on the Market!!!

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