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Loftiss says “The Ballerina Project”

 Yesterday I was awed by a photograph that led me to a new obsession. The Ballerina Project is a series of photographs created by photographer: Dane Shitagi. Crafted over the span of ten years the Ballerina Project is not “dance photography but an etching of a ballerinas heart and emotions.” The Ballerina Project grew from the idea of New York City as a magnet for creativity; each photograph is a collaborative work of dance, fashion design and photography played out against the city’s landscape. Since I have trained my entire life for dance perfection I am in awe of these photos. I promise you you’ll get lost in the beauty, elegance, technique, fashion, style, dedication, effortlessness and magic of these photos.


Ahhhh don’t you want to run outside and dance til your body gives out?!?! I am in love. If you are interested in purchasing one of the Ballerina Project images please go to: I wish I could own them all….. xoxo, Loftiss

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