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Loftiss says “Get Taylor Swift’s look on the Cover of Vogue”

It’s no secret that I am a huge Taylor Swift fan. I love how she is an awesome songwriter, incredible role model and seems like a genuine sweetheart to the core. I saw this cover of Vogue (out on stands Jan. 24th) and was taken aback at Taylor’s effortless beauty. It is obvious why she was chosen to be a Cover Girl for Vogue and a Model for Cover Girl. Now how can you get Taylor’s look?


EASY! She went heavy with the black eyeliner and shadow. I find it refreshing that she isn’t wearing any false lashes- just smudged black to bring the focus straight to her eyes. Next very sheer foundation/mineral make-up. There isn’t a trace of blush just a few swipes of bronzer underneath her cheekbones. It always warms my heart to see freckles! Last nude/pink lipliner with chapstick over. No shiny gloss… I LOVED that she ditched her romantic curls for this straight look and fringe bangs. Pull out the straightener and use a little bit of palmade to separate the strands. For wardrobe you can get a replica of this hat at any  hip department store  ie Forever 21/H &M. Just grab a camel color wide brim hat (I WORSHIP MINE)! Lastly, finish her look with a chunky cable knit sweater. The entire look is about embracing comfort and effortless glamour.


Feel free to send me your version of this look! xoxo, Loftiss

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