Red Carpet

Loftiss says “People’s Choice Awards Fashion”

I pulled tons of pixs to discuss from this event. But since we have the Golden Globes on Sunday I don’t want to overload you on Red Carpet Fashion. So I will pick my  “That is divine- you are a goddess” looks coupled with the “Oh Sweet Jesus who is your stylist? Fire them immediately!!” Let’s get started shall we?



There is no rhyme or reason for this dress. Doesn’t work. Ohhh maybe on a fierce  6’2” drag queen!


She always knocks it out of the ballpark for me. Love the fit, the color, the lace of the dress. Simple hair and make-up…perfection. Young Hollywood all the way.


I am OBSESSED with backless dresses but the only problem is because you can’t wear proper undergarments often times you look thick at the waist. Julianne is teeny tiny but I can’t help but look at her mid section.

But from the back she is STUNNING!!!! Girl just strike this pose all night!


Grandma? Uggg this is horrid. The seam down the middle, the off-white color washes her out with that grey hair…terrible.


TO DIE FOR. I WANT THIS DRESS NOW!!!!! This might be the most beautiful I’ve seen Miley. Bravo!


What is this? I hate it. I hate it. I hate. Why would you say “ohhh this is THE dress!!!”JENNIFER LAWERENCE

All I can think is Finding Nemo. It would have worked for me if the netting had been replaced by a contrasting color.GINNIFER GOODWIN

Why do you do this to me? I love you as an actress but you never get it right on the red carpet. You are not a magician. Yah for color. No for sleeves.


I really liked her dress but this lipstick color is completely wrong for you. This 80’s throwback would work on someone with a more olive skin color. A plum, blood red, or nude lipstick would have been a much better choice.

Love to hear your thoughts friends! And don’t forget about the giveaway I’m hosting with Georgie Beauty right underneath this post. Just a few clicks and you are eligible to win some fabulous lashes!!!!!  GET ON IT!!!! Signing off from a train en route to DC. Working with NBC this weekend. Holla! xoxo, Loftiss

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