Beauty Tips

Loftiss says “Anastasia Brow Duality- MUST HAVE!!!!”

Who doesn’t want to make their eyes stand out even more than usual?!?!? Well, I am a MEGA fan of this chunky pencil from Anastasia. This pencil features a matte highlighter on one end and a shimmer highlighter on the other.


* Use the matte side during the day for a soft natural highlight

* Shimmer side perfect for a night out/ photoshoot shoots (of course my fav!)

* Formula is silky and is enriched with Vitamin E.

* Comes in two fabulous shades.

* Matte Camille/Sand – pinky flesh ton & beige shimmer

* Matte Shell/Lace – yellow based flesh tone, iridescent gold shimmer

$ 23 from Sephora, HSN, Utlra Stores and Anastasia online

I use this pencil under my brow bone, on my eye lid, in the corner of my eyes, in the inner lower rim….THIS PRODUCT DOES IT ALL!!!!!! The one hint I suggest is buying a big sharpener because this pencil is thicker than usual pencils. Here I am wearing it out and about with my friend Jess. See how it just pops your eyes? Even though that night the focus was on my lips- it just enhances your eyes just enough where you seem more alert and fresh.

 GO GET IT!!!!!!


ALSO! I know a lot of my fans love The Bachelor so here is my gift to you. Follow my friend Ashley Spivey’s blog  SAY NO TO COSMO. She was on the show last season, with my love Keltie, and now keeps a play by play of the show on her hilarious blog. Check out her first one for this new season:

xoxo, Loftiss

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