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Loftiss says “Thank you to you!!!!!”

Today I was hopping on WordPress to write a beauty blog and I noticed that my last post was #200. Wow! I’ve written 200 posts ALREADY!!!!! I started this blog a year and a half ago when I was in LA for a bit and trying to find my way in this TV Hosting career. Always being asked beauty tips, I thought it would be the perfect marriage of all my beauty and fashion knowledge (obsession) mixed into all the crazy events I attend. I am beyond thrilled by your response and touched every time someone has emailed or stopped me on the street to say thanks for advice I’ve given on say self tanning or how to feel comfortable wearing red lipstick!

Just like everything I do- I want to be a positive light out in the world. I am so honored to be part of the safe haven where you can ask me anything, share your insecurities and have your guilty pleasure of checking out who wore what to the “it” premiere. I want to thank you for allowing me to come into your home and let me share with you my thoughts. I plan to continue this blog as long as it makes me and everyone else around me happy….

For 2012, I plan to post more frequently and have more give-aways. I want to collaborate more with other bloggers and bring Loftiss Says to thousands more followers. Now, if you would do me a favor now and please spread the word on Loftiss Says! And follow me on Twitter and be my Fan on Facebook ( links on right).  I’d be so appreciative if you would repost blogs on your blog or on Facebook. Thank you all for your support; I love each and every one of you. And as always please please please keep in touch and keep those questions coming! I’m here to make you look and feel your best and hopefully uncover your hidden fashionista!!!!!!

Here’s to you!!!!

xoxo, Loftiss

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