Loftiss says “Classic Trench+ Heels”

 I love nothing more than to pop in my headphones and zone out while walking in this crazy city of New York. I was walking home from a photo shoot in Times Square yesterday and was instantly attracted to this billboard. Out of hundreds of advertisments my eye went straight to this ad. Hmmmmm there is something so sexy about a trench coat and a great pair of heels. We have seen this look before but there is a reason why in so many movies the vixen is dressed to kill in this exact ensemble.

Ladies, next time you are trying to impress a fella don’t look for the smallest dress you can find. Go for the classic fitted trench, sky high heels, hair up (and maybe a red lip) and see where that takes you…..I have a feeling you’ll love the results! xoxo, Loftiss

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