Loftiss says “Victoria Secret Fashion Show Party. On and off the Runway!””

I am a MEGA fan of the Victoria Secret Runway Show. I love how empowering it is to all women to feel sexy and show off their curves while rocking ridiculous outfits! I had the pleasure of attending the Viewing Party. Let’s check out the night’s fashion…..

Before the party

This was a plain beige dress that I had altered to fit me better. I thought it looked too drab so I attached my grandmothers fur collar to the dress+added some fab hair+ jewels and was ready to go!

At the party:

Jermaine Browne the choreographer for the Runway Show.

Loving his handcrafted silver bowtie (ps it was soooo heavy!)
Sophia, one of my ridiculously talented stylists friends, who invited me to the show. She is the Design Coordinator for the Executive collection. We worked together in “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” National Tour and “Peepshow.” She is BEYOND brilliant. And can we talk about her fab black jumpsuit, gold jewelry and green accent piece (die!)

I’m sorry….jewels and a leopard bra?!?!? YES PLEASE! {And yes it’s a VS bra}

Two of the lovely dancers. I worked with Susanne (on left) at L’Oreal. Work that metallic ladies!

LOOK AT THIS COUPLE! A bowler hat on him and a bright orange oversized blazer on her….J’ADORE!!!!!
Sky rocking the man scarf….werk.

The big screen where we watched the showThe Supermodels
 Now to the Fashion ON the Runway!!!!

What a brilliant opener!!!! I loved how the ballerinas/dancers in red pointe shoes and tutus and had the same look for the models to kick off the show.

You know me and bright colors. GAG!!!!! I would wear this DAILY!!!!!

This lucky Angel, Miranda Kerr, got to rock the multi-million dollar bra. I love this look. She looks like she’s living in an oysters of diamonds!!!!
ahhhhhh breathtakingThis might possibly be my favorite look of the night- Parisian chic.I sat next to the man who crocheted these wings. INSANE!

Love this amphibian/dragon look. DANGER!

SERIOUS.  SHOWSTOPPER. I was so excited during the Superhero section!!!!! (And you know how I feel about orange!)

Yes Wings!

Loved how these final looks were styled…so fun and whimsical.I need this disco ball dress!!!!! Seriously!

And last and not least-here I am with Supermodel Tyson Beckford.

Oh what a night to remember!!!! Tell me what looks you liked best. Signing off listening to the soundtrack provided in the goodie bag…xoxo, Loftiss

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