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Loftiss says “Mtv MADE 1 Year Ago today!!!!!!”

It is hard to believe that I started this crazy journey on Mtv’s MADE 1 year ago today. I remember like it was yesterday bursting into Kenzie’s house in Independence, Missouri dressed as a Fairy God Mother at the crack of dawn. We both had no idea how difficult this process was going to be. The early mornings, the disagreements, the cleaning of her room {I’m still not recovered}, the assignments, the ups and downs and everything in between….

Everytime I’m recognized from the show I’m asked two things: #1. Do you still talk to Kenzie #2. Is she still Girly? Of course I still keep up with my girl! How could I not? After spending that much time together I feel like you are bonded for life!!!!! I thought I’d share with you her transformation over the past year….


One year ago today!!!!

At the Winter Dance. Saying good-bye to my student.

Kenzie still rocking the fab extensions….I LOVE this hair color I choose for her. So sophisticated. And please notice the metallic sequined shirt.



What she’s wearing a PINK DRESS!!!!! That’s right! I’m happy to say I helped choose this dress via text. I love the pearl necklace neckline accompanied by a pearl headband. Gorgeous and completely age appropriate!!!!

Colored Eyeshadow, bumped hair, headband, jeweled necklace and a smile…looks like a girlie girl to me!

The relationship with her mama has vastly approved!!!!!

Showing off her new kitten but I’m so distracted by her adorable strapless dress and yellow belt…well done!

Look at this beautiful make-up!!!!!! She looks angelic here. Stunning!

Here Kenz is at school. Again side swooped hair, lovely make-up and rocking a statement piece necklace. Mama Loftiss is so proud!



This is such a ‘Black Swan’ Dress. Chiffon, black sequins and a large bow 🙂 And meet Ethan, Kenzie’s long-term boyfriend. {I appreciate his skinny tie by the way!}
Kenzie is going to graduate in December and look into college. She wants me to report that she doesn’t wear ugly flip-flops anymore and wears at least 2 dresses a week! {I’ll take it!}. She says this experience has made her less self-conscious and now she loves clothes…she’s a self-proclaimed “fashionista!’ So there you have it!!!!! The M.A.D.E. experience works. I’m such a proud mama!!!!!…xoxo, Loftiss


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