Loftiss says “Happy 20th Christian Louboutin!”

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MR. LOUBOUTIN!!!!!! I am such a major fan of his work and can not help but have my heart flutter when I spot the red soles on a fierce pair of shoes. He is a complete genius to brand a shoe which is known worldwide by it’s color. Here are a few of my absolute faves from his collections over the past 20 years.

Bling Bling!!!!GIMME!!!! Love the double platform and chunky heel.
Why would there be fur when it’s a sling back? So ridiculous. Makes me think “Snowbunny” Couture or something CoCo from “Ice loves Coco” would wear.Sophisticated. Classy. Says “Don’t Mess with Mama!!!!!”The Measuring Tape Heel.

These shoes caused a huge sandal. I love them. I take it as a joke and completely playful.

HOLLYWOOD!!!!! So glam and fun!

Leopard. Lace. Love.This is the perfect Bridal Shoe. Tiger Pump!!!! It’s a paw!Now this is a statement!This was the Shoe created for “Barbie” herself.How can I get my hands on these?!?!?He also created Men’s Wear. These are HOT.

These caused a huge stir too! The Pointe Shoe Loubs. I mean you can NOT walk in these!!!!!! Beyonce debuted these in the “GREEN LIGHT” video. Please check out my hot blondie bestie Allie from the video. WERK!

FLATS!!!! Yes. PleaseHere are the first pair I ever owned. Jay surprised me for my Opening in “Peepshow”.

Yeah…he’s a keeper 😉
Are you a fan?!?!? Tell me which ones pairs are your favorites {mentioned or not}! I can’t wait to build my collection. I’m on pair#3 and ready to keep going. Happy Monday all. xoxo, Loft

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