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Loftiss says “CMA Fashion Hits & Not Even Close….”

I know I am extra hard on Country Music Red Carpets but I don’t understand why there are sooo many misses. I mean, you have resources -GET A STYLIST!!!! Or get a stylist based in LA/NYC so it’s not Country Fab but All Across the Board Fab. Country Music is my FAVORITE music genre in the world….please represent! Let’s get started:

Faith Hill

I ADORE Faith Hill. I even named my rental car at Rockettes in Nashville “Faith” in hopes I’d run into her. I love this dress on her. The white is perfection and fits her body like a dream.

But I am not a fan of her make-up. The eyes are too dramatic and severe compared to her effortless dress. I would like to see pinky blush and more color to her lips. I  like the hair but I really love her with a more blonde than brown color.


Jennifer Nettles

I think she looks beautiful. Nice color and lovely silhouette and embellishments. The only think I would have added is a bright plum lip or wear this dress in summer and with a gorgeous tan. 


The Band Perry

I really don’t know what year they are living in and their hair ALWAYS confuses me. But at least they are staying true to themselves. When I see them I always think of “Panic At The Disco.”

LeAnn Rimes

Here are one of those cases when being super thin does not help you. I know she was pulling out the ruffles to add volume to her body {since word on the street is she’s not eating} but this does not look good on your thin frame.

And look at your face!!!!! You look like you’ve aged 10+ yrs because of how skinny you are. Babe pack on a few lbs and let’s get that gorgeous youthful face back!!!!!!


Lady antebellum

Again BRAVO!!!! I love how you dress like a trio- always playing off everyone’s ensembles. I couldn’t be a bigger fan of your music or your looks tonight!

Carrie Underwood

Love the dress- the cap sleeves, the color, the clutch, the jewelry. I just wish her hair looked a bit younger. The hair is very “young mom” hair. I would have liked a pony tail or bone straight with bangs straight down.


Dierks Bentley

You and your woman look sexy time.


Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

I appreciate the matching grey. My notes to you- Nicole redden your hair a bit. Let it be a statement color. Keith- those pants seem rather tight. Are you ok?

Miranda Lambert

This looks like a bad pageant gown. It’s too old for her…it ages her like she’s the mother of the bride.

I do love her make-up and hair. She really has stunning features….incredible eyes and really played up well here!


Taylor Swift

Ahhhh Taylor. You really are my heart. I love how she always takes the red carpet seriously and brings the glamour.

Hair and Make-up is youthful, playful, classy and just perfection.


These are the looks where I honestly can’t believe!!!!!!

This looks like then the Bride-To-Be makes her bows from her presents into an outfit.


Why is the Goth girl at the Country Awards?*

I’m such a fan but not one thing is working with this. It doesn’t even match OR fit!

REBA!!!! GREEN VELVET???? NO!!!!!!


Courtney Love????

Bad. Just Bad.


WHAT!!!!!!!!!! This is not Victoria Secret Show or Miss Universe. Put your dress down girl!!!!!!!


Country Music you will always have my heart. Now let’s pull together your looks. xoxo, Loftiss

7 thoughts on “Loftiss says “CMA Fashion Hits & Not Even Close….”

  1. I agree with everything except I really didn’t love Faith Hill’s hair. Too “rocker chick” for that dress. Miranda Lambert definitely needs to get herself a stylist, although I LOVE her to pieces! And I actually liked Leann Rhyme’s dress. I think it could have done without some of the ruffles in the back but I thought it was pretty on her. I love you EM!!!

    • HAAAA!!!!!!! I’m saying at least at the VS show the purpose is to show your goodies!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see the show….I def want the inside scoop from you to write a blog 🙂 xo

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