Loftiss says “Street Fashion on 5th Ave” “

Last week I was rushing into Sephora to grab some Dry Shampoo (that blog will be for another day) and saw Renee. I instantly knew she was in Fashion because her outfit was too fab not to be.


I know Capes are all the rage but you have to do it RIGHT to look classy and not like you are dressing up for Halloween. I love the camel color (my cape is the same color) and it instantly makes you look Parisian chic.


Renee didn’t have a speck of makeup and looked stunning. And I loved her severely slicked hair accompanied by oversized glasses. So gorgeous.


Effortless beauty.


She shared with me that she went out to find a couch and came home with these shoes. But I think that’s totally ok…there is corduroy on the shoes-that’s comforting like a couch!


Here is one of Renee’s own handbags. She creates accessories {hand-crafted in Italy and produced in limited-edition quantities}. This is why I love you NYC! Even when you are running from an audition into a Sephora you never know who you’ll run into and what Fashion Inspiration you’ll spot!!!!


Check out Renee’s incredible bags!!!! gag. ammmmazing!!!!!!!

Send me pixs of your Street Fashion! Love to see what you are loving lately. xo, Loftiss

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