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Loftiss says “Swag Bag Goodies”

One of the perks for being a Fashion and Beauty blogger is I get invited to fun events. Two weeks ago I got to attend a Press Event for fun products in the market. I went from table to table and chatted with folks, learned about some goodies and left with tons of delicious treats. Here are my favorites of the day:


Toothbrush sanitizer! The ultraviolet light kills germs. A must for health-conscious families (works with Electric Toothbrushes too).

ALSO has a PHONE SANITIZER!!!!! UV lights eliminates up to 99% of germs. It sanitizes your device in 5 mins and includes a basket for small devices like earbuds, MP3 players and Bluetooth headsets. I think this is genius and after thinking about all the random places your phone lives {car, subway, restaurants, gym bag etc…} Available online:, Target, Amazon. *I’m totally getting one!


Adorable cards perfect for parties!!!! You have tons of topics to choose from: Dinner Party, Girls Night Out, Kids Slumber Party, Decades, College. Featured in O Magazine and Martha Stewart.


All in one!!!!! Can get 720p HD video in a small, affordable, waterproof package. Pop it in your purse or pocket so it’s ready whenever you need it! Also has a Share button and pop out USB arm to make it simple to email videos to FB, Twitter or email.


Yummy naturally moisturizing bath bars with natural antioxidants. Available in English Lavender, Oatmeal & Almond, Lemon Verbena, Aloe Cucumber. BEST PART IS THE PRICE IS AROUND $2!!!!!!!!  I’m obsessed with this smell of my Oatmeal & Almond soap. I have to drag myself out of the shower. Available at Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.


Originated in Sweden over 100 yrs ago – formulated from all natural beeswax combined with organic Shea butter, coconut oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. It feels magical on your lips and you can buy this for $2.99 at your local Walgreens, Walmart and CVS! I’m gonna carry my few in every bag I own so I’ll never had chapped lips for the Winter. SCORE!!!!

KISS FALSE LASHES {with string applicator!}

 2 red strings are on either side to help you apply on your falsies. Since I am the QUEEN of Fake Lashes I will take this personal challenge and get back to you on the result. I can not WAIT to report back! Again available at Walgreens, Walmart and CVS. Great Stocking stuffers too! Everyone needs a touch of fab in their lives!!!!!!

I hope I introduced you to some fun new products!!!!! Let me know what you end up trying. Happy Weekend ya’ll….xoxo, Loftiss

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