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Loftiss says “Last minute Funny Celeb Halloween Costumes!”

Well it’s Monday and somehow Halloween snuck up on you?!?! Well here’s a few quick tips to get you ready to rock any party tonight.


#1. Don’t take a shower, put on a load of dark eye make-up and pile on the glitter and you too can be KE$HA. Just carry around a bottle of Jack you are ready!


#2 Slick your hair in a bun, wear all black spandex and you can be BLACK SWAN. Have your bestie be the White Swan. {And you get to do fun ballet poses in your pictures all nite!}


#3. To be Pop Culture Savy get a Long Black Wig, a super tight dress, sky-high heels and be Kim Kardashian. But you have to walk around with a Divorce Paper. Extra points if you have the KK Perfume!!!!


#4 Dress like you are Pamela Anderson and have your Boyfriend dress like he is Bill Clinton and you have Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison – the 17 yr Teen Bride married to 51 year old. Creepy!!!! Always fun for Halloween!


#5. Find your old dance costume from 5th grade and you can be the Pro on DANCING WITH THE STARS!!!!!


#6. You can find your nieces Christmas church dress and be from Toddlers and Tiara’s.


And of course you can always do the easy sexy kitten, sexy cop, sexy waitress, sexy baseball player etc.

Here is my costume from Saturday!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN and be safe lovelies.xoxo, Loftiss

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