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Loftiss says “DIY WEEK!!!!”

Hello friends!!!! I’ve been really into DIY blogs lately and thought I’d give it a try! Since I’m a novice with this I thought I’d start simple and begin with Gold Spray paint! As you know I’m OBSESSED with gold and thought I couldn’t mess up too bad….


Here are my hands…this is my go-to jewelry that I wear almost daily. See how the chunky bracelet and ring look a little tired? I thought they were the perfect pieces to experiment with.


Got my $7 can of spray paint and am ready to go!


Next time I’ll totally get gloves. The good news is my gel manicure is gold with gold flecks so even the paint that got on my nails look kinda fierce….


It only took around 10 mins to dry!


I feel the jewelry looks soooo much more expensive! It was the perfect thing to make these statement pieces talk louder!!!! I have gotten double the compliments on my bracelet this past week.


Me right after a Hosting meeting (yep I talked about this adventure in the meeting!) Even though at some point I’m sure the paint will scratch off, I am happy with the results.  Just word to the wise GLOVES!

Can’t wait to show you what Keltie and I made yesterday!!!!! Who knows maybe I’ll be a regular at Home Depot or the Craft store?!?!?!

Don’t forget to apply for the GIVEAWAY!!!!! You have til FRIDAY!!!! Get to it ladies- fab necklace as the gift. And please note I have on my necklace in the picture above!  xoxo, Loftiss



2 thoughts on “Loftiss says “DIY WEEK!!!!”

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