Loftiss says “MY FIRST BLOG GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!”

I’m so excited to announce my first Loftiss Says Giveaway!!!!!! When thinking about what to give to my incredible supporters I instantly thought of Delicate Raymond Jewelry. I LOVE everything Michelle makes. And my absolute favorite piece she sells is a Vintage Monogram Necklace. I, of course, have a L for Loftiss! I swear I wear it almost everyday. 
30″Vintage Monogram 
14kt GF Necklace accented with Swarovski pearl…
retail value: $190
Here’s a few pixs of me supporting my fav piece of jewelry.

Details to enter!!!!
To enter the giveaway  “like” my Fan page on Facebook  and “like” my Twitter page (both links are on the sidebar)
Then leave a comment below answering “How do YOU rock your personal style!!!!” I’ll pick the winner. Only write once pretty please. I would also greatly appreciate if you repost on your blog or Facebook. The winner’s answer will be reposted on my blog in the few weeks! This is an opportunity to be an  individual and share with me (and hopefully all of cyberspace) how you work your own look.
The contest starts now and ends next Friday (Oct 7th).  I will announce the winner on Saturday Oct. 8th and will contact you on shipping details. And what letter you’d like on your necklace 🙂
WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!!I’m so pumped to read your answers and reward my awesome followers.Make sure you check out too!
xoxo, Loftiss

32 thoughts on “Loftiss says “MY FIRST BLOG GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!”

  1. I SO want this necklace!!! So, how I rock my personal style…I don’t worry about current trends and focus on what looks fabulous on ME. Nothing says “personal style” like putting your OWN personality into it. SO PICK ME!!!!! : )

  2. The most important thing to rocking personal style is to do it with confidence. Because honestly, what is fashionable is so subjective. What you see in “Fashion Police” could also be in “Top Looks” of some magazine. So shoulders back & flash that fabulous smile! Oh, and a more tangible thing that helps rock personal style is wearing accessories that are really YOU!!! I LOVE wearing gold!! *hint hint! 😉

  3. I follow you on Twitter (@normawaton) and “like” you on Facebook (Cindy A.)

    Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway! I have always been the outsider when it comes to fashion. Growing up in a small town in Tennessee, and having a strong aversion to camouflage, will do that. As a teenager I discovered a treasure trove of vintage clothing at a garage sale and was instantly hooked. I never strayed from my obsession, not even when family and friends made fun of my choices. I have heard “This is Tennessee, not California.” more times than I care to admit, but the joke was on them! Not only did I open my own shop, I now have some of those same hecklers as customers. 😉

  4. My personal style involves balancing great pieces–both in my wardrobe and my personal spaces. Great accessories should complement your overall look, not fight or overpower it. There’s a really find line between over-accessorizing, creating a great balance between statement pieces, and being completely boring. Some days my balance is off, but I learn from my flops and create a new look the next day.

  5. My style is classic and simple so to spruce it up, I add fun/chunky accessories. This necklace would be the perfect compliment to my (admittedly sometimes preppy) style!

  6. I followed you on Twitter and FB!

    I think my personal style is comfort over trends – I want to be able to express myself through my personality and (as a college student) be able to focus on my work rather than get overshadowed by my clothes! However, when there’s an occasion to dress up, anything goes!

  7. I LOVE this necklace! Since I am a college student, I have to get very creative with what pieces to invest in and what to save on. My style centers around the classic items such as: blazers, skinny jeans, boots, and pencil skirts. I incorporate printed blouses, funky necklaces and earrings, or a high waisted belt to cinch my waist. I get very creative with my style because it is important to me to maximize my favorite pieces so I get the most out of my closet and keep my style interesting. Thank you!

  8. this necklace is so gorgeous! i love monogrammed things, because they are unique to me! i rock my personal style by keeping my silhouettes classic and incorporating modern accessories- that way, i can invest in timeless, quality pieces and keep the cost down and the attitude UP with fun accessories!!

  9. Confidence is every woman’s best accessory, no matter what. I firmly believe whoever said “less is more” was lying. I love to pile on jewelry, wear LOTS of layers, and mix and match. We have wrists for a reason — to put 8 bracelets on of course! 🙂 Looking outside the box is really important to me in conveying my personal style. One of my personal rules is if I absolutely love something, it will work no matter what. Boldness is never a bad thing when it comes to style, and I encourage women everywhere to hold their heads high and never second-guess something they love. That’s how I rock my style, anyway.

  10. Shake what yo’ Mama gave ya! My style: Minimal make up, a dress that flatters your body (maybe a thin belt), some rockin’ wedges and bright lip stick. Hair is naturally curly, use some mousse to make it bouncy. Wahbam. This necklace is phenomenal.

  11. Thanks for offering this beautiful necklace! I love it & need it to compliment so many outfits! I rock my own style by being a fashion forward trendsetter & not looking at what everyone else is wearing. I do love clothes that compliment my body style & stick with many basics & then add a little pizzazz with one crazy fun item that I love. Plus get my 8 hours & eat healthy to have the inter me feeling good too! Pick me & I will forever follow u ( but i will anyway) : )!

  12. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fabulous necklace! I’ve been trying to add to my gold jewelry collection, but on a student budget I have mostly Forever 21 pieces. This

    How do I rock my personal style? I walk (no – stomp) around UNC campus wearing my favorite things everyday. When half the other ladies on the quad are in gym shorts and white t-shirts, I’m rocking my favorite brown slouchy boots, a bold scarf, an inherited messenger bag / briefcase and statement earrings. It doesn’t matter if it’s 90 degrees or 50- I’m probably wearing either a scarf or boots (or both)! Confusing seasons is central to my style. I’ll still be wearing sundresses in winter, just with tights and a blazer. I have to say, this (gorgeous) necklace would fit right in with my wardrobe and make me feel a tad fancier every day.

  13. I love that necklace! I’ve been searching for something that I can wear like that often to make my signature piece! Hopefully I found it!

    I tend to stray away from trends and wear what I want to wear and whatever makes me feel comfortable and good about myself. I’d say I’m pretty classic when it comes to my style. I love in Asheville, so anything goes here. However my one true item that I wear quiete a bit are my Frye boots, gotta have em, they go with anything!

  14. I have 3 major rules I alllllways follow for personal style! 🙂 1. I style for mood. I usually bounce between wanting to be super-fashion-polished-chic, or Charlotte York-ish preppy. It all depends on the day’s attitude! 2. Always mix higher end pieces with lower end pieces. It doesn’t matter your budget. It’s good to sometimes save up for that something special that you can enjoy for years and years!! 3. This is my most important personal style rule. 🙂 Don’t be a slave to trends. If you try to go with every trend out there, then you look like you don’t have any ideas of your own! And a hot mess. Of course, if you don’t update your look from time to time, you’ll end up on “What Not To Wear” because you’ll be rocking the same things from High School. SO a happy medium: I like to update the ole wardrobe with new trends every season, but just hand select which trends I’m gonna rock, and which ones I need to pass on.

    PS – Love the necklace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Thanks Emily for doing this giveaway!!!

  15. I follow you on twitter (@playittome) and I have liked your page on facebook! 🙂

    I rock my personal style by showing off the good side of being a woman! CURVES! We all have them and we got to love them, but with this personal style I love to have comfort too. Long and flowing shirts are always good for a day out and living in Florida means you can pretty much wear shorts year round. I love to make use of the nice weather to wear dresses and sandals, and this necklace would match quite a few of my new things perfectly! Thanks for this awesome opportunity 🙂

  16. I rock an eclectic combination of classic pieces, earthy organics and select, trendy, “in-fashion” pieces that accentuate my style and my figure. I’ve got curves and I love clean lines, color and comfort. Accessories are essential! They express your mood as well as you sense of style. I feel put together, beautiful and confident when I have on a great piece of jewelry that works well with an outfit, but is simultaneously eye-catching. I love fall, because it means great boots and jackets; and, gold is a great color for fall, warm and a perfect compliment for changing foliage.

  17. I rock my personal style by loving myself and listening to the honest voice in my heart. The result is a joyful stylish me!

  18. I rock my style by staying true to myself. I always judge an outfit based on whether I feel comfortable in it and if it feels like me! Never let an outfit wear you, you wear the outfit! I love wearing solid colors dressed up with fun accessories. I’m a minimalist so when I do wear accessories I like to make a statement!

  19. This necklace is great! Im pretty simple! I love me some comfortable and casual clothes! I guess you could call me a grandma, but I just like to feel natural and cozy in what i wear!!!!

  20. Love the simple elegance that this necklace offers! I rock my style by ALWAYS staying true to myself. I love shift dresses, cropped jackets, and chunky bracelets. I love wearing dark colors and letting my hair go natural wavy! Also, I rock the occasional yoga pant and oversized shirt on lazy days 🙂 I’m thinking that this necklace would be perfect with all of these outfits! I would LOVE to be the lucky owner! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Good question.. What rocks my style? It seems
    Like my whole life I’ve been trying to figure out my style. My closet is filled with random pieces from random stores. As my roommate was going through my closet looking for something to wear she asked me ” Who are you? Your clothes are so random.” So maybe some days I look like a mom or a hippie or a sorority girl or like I just worked out but there are a few things always constant in my life that I feel like rock my style: my shoes, my purse, my jewelry, and my
    Confidence. I have a billion shoes, boots being my favorite!! I heart purses, of which I also have a billion. My jewelry includes my wedding ring of my great great grandmother, my diamond necklace from my boyfriend, and my David yurman bracelet my grandparents gave me for
    graduation. Lastly, my confidence comes from being comfortable with my style and who I am.. Yeah I might not have my style figured out but I love who I am and thats all I need! 🙂

  22. This necklace is beautiful. It’s trendy without being too overdone. It’s classy without being too uptight. It’s perfect while being just that… PERFECT! I would love to win this and what a wonderful giveaway and opportunity! Thank you!!

  23. The style that ROCKS me (especially for fall) is Knee High black leather boots, chunky sweater, tights and a bold statement peice of jewelry. This may or may not be your AMAZING monogram necklaces depending on if I am the lucky chosen one!!! 🙂 Could it get any better than that?

  24. Thinking about the style that ROCKS me is a little difficult to explain… Im classy while being adventureous. I’m fashion forward while not being too overly “in style.” I like to create my own signiature pieces. I like to think out of the box. I like paring colors one would never think to put together, and rocking them like I’m on a runway. Jewelry has and will always be my weakness. I enjoy wearing gold almost daily. It compliments my skin tone. I love your jewelry & im loyal to the brands I love and I love Loftiss! Thank you for this opportunity, Im so grateful to have come across it! :):)

  25. The style that ROCKS me (especially for fall) is Knee High black leather boots, chunky sweater, tights and a bold statement peice of jewelry. This may or may not be your AMAZING monogram necklaces depending on if I am the lucky chosen one!!! 🙂 Could it get any better than that? Thank you!!

  26. FB like – deanna time
    twitter follow@ – dlw447
    rock my personal style: I love colors, ruffles, bows, lace, and layers. I mix it up with boots, flats, and heels (depending on my mood). And then I finish it off with skinny jeans. It’s me…and that’s why I like it.

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  28. hi i love this necklace. i was wondering what brand it is or where i could actually find one online. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Go to this site online: When you order make sure you tell Michelle you got the info from Loftiss Says 🙂 Let me know if you buy it. I promise you’ll love it! xo

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