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Loftiss says “my lash extension experience”

Eyelash extensions

I’ve been thinking about getting lash extensions for over a year. I’ve heard from tons of people how they are life changing and then from others DO NOT DO IT!!! It will wreck your real lashes. Well you know me I have to make my own decisions on these type of things…. so I finally made an appointment and this was my journey.


Why is it every time someone has talked to me about their fab lashes they didn’t tell me how completely uncomfortable the process was?!?!?! I literally was about to jump out of my skin. They tape your eyes shut and then tell you to relax and whatever you do don’t try to open your eyes….ummm ok. You don’t know me-I can’t sit still if my life depends on it!!!! I listened to my ipod and finally after an hour or so the technician pulled my ipod out and said “Emily PLEASE go to sleep. You keep moving and your eyeballs are moving constantly.” Ugggg sorry. I’ll try to mediate. Or pray. Or make a to-do list in my head. Finally after a 2 hours of laying on a table I was released….


Ohhhhh I see why people sit thought that torture! I like how they look. They instantly open your eyes and you look more awake and instantly more doll-like.

I like the profile look even more than from the front. But see in the pix how some lashes are pointing down. It was was like my lashes had a mind of their own. Sometimes I’d be walking down the street and I was instantly blinded by my lashes…it was like their were in charge and I was the vessel.


Remember this pix? I took this when I was writing about the magical potion you can get from Rite Aid ( . The lashes look great but I can’t sleep at night!!! I literally am freaking out during the night that I am pulling out my lashes. I sleep with a sleep mask (which I looked on the web and it was said that it helps protect them) but it doesn’t matter- I’m exhausted. I have never in my life thought about my lashes more than in these few days. I have so many more important things in my life to focus on!


Even though I was told I could put mascara on them I was too scared. Finally after a week I got the nerve to do it. Once again I liked them EVEN more.  But I am still tired. I can’t sleep and washing my face in the shower and at the sink gives me heart palpitations.

Lashes stayed in for 2.5 weeks.


PROS– Look fabulous. You get tons of questions about your lashes – asking are they real, what mascara do you use, what do you think about extensions. I felt instantly more glamorous even if I was just running errands in my neighborhood with not a drop of make-up on.

CONS– I have to say my lashes are HALF the length they were before. I have a chunk of lashes missing on my left eye. Every time I put on mascara I’m mad because I did this to myself.  Also the process was miserable for me. The thought of going back for touch-ups every 2 or 3 weeks is time-consuming and expensive. Not to mention sleeping and washing your face is difficult.


I would much rather plop on a strip of lashes and call it a day. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this blog and share with me your experiences. What do you think lash extnensions?!?!?!  xoxo, Loftiss

15 thoughts on “Loftiss says “my lash extension experience”

  1. There are different types of lash extensions. Were your extensions V-Lashes or Single Lashes (One by One)? Single lashes are meant to be worn for longer than 2 weeks with fill-ins required to maintain as the extensions attached to your natural lash shed during the shedding process of your natural lashes.

    • I got single applications. I did hours of research before I did this and was told by my technician to come in after 2 or 3 wks. My lashes definitely were destroyed after this process. If it was a better experience I definitely would have gone back…just not for me. Side note- I’d heard great things about your place in Thomasville! I’d love to check it out next time I’m home! Best of luck and thank you for reading my blog and responding to my post.

      • Emily, I am sorry to hear that you had a negative lash extension experience! We are currently testing different brands and types of lash extensions at JMarie Day Spa. So far, my staff prefers V-Lashes and I have personally worn them myself. They do make us feel glamorous!

        Thank you for the sweet compliment! We would love to take extra special care of you when you come back home! It is exciting to hear and see all of the amazing things that you are doing with your life, happy to call you our hometown GA girl!

  2. Emily!
    Wow, you are too brave. I can’t wait to share this tid-bit of information with my friends. I miss you!
    Love you!

  3. Thanks for testing them out love. A couple girls in the company wear them and I just don’t get the whole can’t wash your face thing. They looked fierce on you but you don’t need them. Natural beauty becomes you. Work It.

  4. Emily, you have to try LiLash. It’s a growth enhancement for your lashes. So it looks like you have extensions but they are your REAL lashes. And the stuff actually works. It takes diligence though. It takes about a month for it to work, but it makes your lashes longer, thicker and stronger. I just smother face wash all over my face and eyes and no prblem. They also have LiBrow for straggly brows, which I haven’t tried. I would say there are two cons- one- the price. it’s just over $100 (but, in my eyes, totally worth it). Two, because our lashes naturally fall out, you have to continue to use it. But I’ve had my tube for over a year and it’s still going strong. Here’s their website

    • I’ve never heard of this!!!! I will absolutely do some research on this!!!!!! My question is does it change the natural color of your eye like Latisse is rumored to. I would never want to mess with something like that! Anything else you’d love to share- I’d love to listen! THANKS AMY!!!!!

  5. I have super sensitive eyes and wear contacts and I haven’t had any problems. And no WAY would I want my eye color to change! I’ve been using the stuff for about two years now and I love it. My lashes don’t look crazy fake either, just thicker, longer versions of my own. Check out filthygorgeousmakeup on youtube ( She’s just a product whore and reviews everything under the sun, just for her own enjoyment.

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