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Loftiss says “Flashmob in Times Square with SHELLAC”

Since I like to talk about trends on Loftiss Says let me fill you in on some included in this video:

1. Flashmobs. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!! I’ve been involved in tons (even choreographed one!) It is always fun to perform in and always a joy to see one pop up!

2. Shellac Nails. I have them on my nails as we speak. They really do last 2 weeks!!!! I’ll never go back to regular manicures.

3. Triple Threats. Since “Glee” has take off people are reminded how amazing it is to be able to sing, dance AND act. I know sooo many people in this video and was bummed I couldn’t partake. Any clue who I was asked to be?!?! They actually performed a similar Flashmob for Shellac in Orlando at the Beauty Expo when I was modeling for L’Oreal. LOVE IT!

Congrats to Mike and Brian. Mike- who would have thought 7 years ago when we were performing in Copacabana you’d have this amazing company?!!??! So proud of you! xoxo, Loftiss

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