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Loftiss says “70’s Birthday Ridiculous Skating Party!!!!!!”

I can not get into Fashion Week and head off to Vegas to emcee an event without having a HUGE shout-out to everyone who attended my birthday party!!!! Thank you to each and everyone of you that skated with me and made my birthday feel so special. I have the BEST friends in the universe and I feel lucky everyday to share my life with such special people. Here’s a few favorite pixs of the night…..

My sister from another mother- the lovely Jen Rias. (Werk that jumprope!)

Oh yes- Tim Dunn as an Indian. But of course!

My friends are magical

One of my favorite pixs of the night….pure genius. My boyfriend is a great sport! (And yes I did a costume change with my shirt…thanks DW!)


Courtney!!!! And the photographer of many of these pixs

Having the time of my life skating…..


What can I say? My friends are hilarious and I like to do splits!!!!MWAH!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!  xoxo, Loftiss

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