Loftiss says “Street Style at the 7-Eleven!”

The best part of living in NYC is everything is unpredictable! One minute you can be surrounded by thousands of tourists in Times Square then one block over hide in a restaurant that only has 4 tables. A week I ago I stopped in my local 7-Eleven for my normal Rockstar Energy Drink when I spotted 3 Fashionistas. The second I saw them I knew they LIVED fashion!I chatted with them to find out they worked across the street at Milly. I didn’t know Milly was located 2 blocks from my house…ohhhh fashion district I love you so! Please check out my lovely ladies rocking out their Milly fashions right in the middle of the convenient store- BRILLIANT!!!!!

Look at these ensembles….yes!

I spotted this colorful dress first! I love everything about this look! This is what summer is all about-  VIBRANT COLORS!
Accessories are always the easiest way to make an outfit drab to fab. I adore how she is rocking silver and gold and mutiple rings on one finger….such a rockstar!

L.O.V.E. the red pants. She informed me they aren’t Milly….I don’t mind. These are statement pants and the statement is I’M HOT!!!!

Gold buttons makes this jacket look chic and timeless

Everyone needs a Summer white dress. You can wear it anywhere from church to playtime!

Detailing of the scarf belt is adorable.

People Watching- Just in time for Fashion Week!!!!! What did you think of this Loftiss Says edition of Street Fashion? Let me know!

xoxo Loftiss

5 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Street Style at the 7-Eleven!”

  1. I’m loving on that vibrant dress AND I just recently bought me a pair of red jeans- eek!! They kind of take me back to 7th grade but I’m gonna werk it out this fall…hopefully! Great post 🙂

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