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Loftiss says “My secret beauty tool (pst! you can get it at Rite Aid!)”

Listen up guys….I’m about to tell you the BEST facial solution on the market. And what’s the most awesome part of all? You can find it at Rite Aid for $15!!!!!!! Let me introduce you to:


My darling friend Keltie Colleen had this in her cabinet last summer and she filled me in of this magic potion.  I feel compelled to share this product with you. Reasons why this product rocks:

1. Exfoliates deeper than scrubs and cleaners ie gets off ALL of your dead skin

2. The resurfacer instantly smoothes away the appearances of fine lines, blemishes and     age spots

3. It improves  skin texture, tone and clarity

4. It doesn’t feel harsh on the skin or have an odd odor!

5. It doesn’t cost over $100. Not even $50. It’s less than a $20 bill!

6.Basically it does everything you’ve ever wanted in a product:  smooths rough skin, diminishes sign of agin, reduces fine line and wrinkles.  People will ask you if you just had a facial or ask for your trick. Everyone I’ve recommended this to is hooked too!

I’ve been using this serum for 1 year and my skin has completely transformed. I promise you will love it. Now hop, skip and jump to the nearest Rite Aid and let me know your experiences!!! But I promise I already know the answer!  Love you! xoxo, Loftiss

8 thoughts on “Loftiss says “My secret beauty tool (pst! you can get it at Rite Aid!)”

    • Kelli- I really believe your skin will be just fine. I suggest you trying it a few nights a week to see if it irriates your skin. I truly believe you’ll be just fine and slightly addicted to it! Thanks for reading !!!!!

    • Howdy Laura M 😉
      I am waiting on my new birthday present ie a FAB new camera/video camera in one!!!!!! I’ll have it next week and I’ll be happy to shoot a quick video on how to do it. There’s a secret ingredient that is KEY to the top bun. Keep your eyes peeled for it and thank you for reading Loftiss Says!

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