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Loftiss says “Teen Choice Award Fashion”

I sent out a tweet yesterday asking my followers what you wanted to read about today- Teen Choice Award Fashion, New Beauty Product I’ve fallen in love with, Details on this fabulous party I went to, or Street Fashion. The response back was TEEN CHOICE AWARDS!!!!!! Alright, I am here to please. So let’s get this party started shall we:


CAT DEELY: Cat worked that Matthew Williamson dress wearing long sleeves so we can focus on her mile long legs.  This effortless look is EXACTLY what summer is all about!

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN:  I COULDN’T LOVE THIS LOOK MORE!!!!! Kourtney looks tiny teeny by wearing this dress that has no waist and two different length hems (mullet-hem) Blaque Label dress. And the color! Gimme!!!!!!

*WHITE EXPLOSION!!!!! These ladies wanted to get their last little bit of Summer White in.

RACHEL BILSON:CHOLE I’m not impressed with this look. I appreciate the ease of the dress but it with the messy hair and studded booties I feel this look doesn’t look put together.

TAYLOR SWIFT :Rafael Cennamo Now we allllll know I’m a huge Taylor fan but I’m not feeling this outfit. The dress is pretty but predictable. I’ve this type of dress a million times on her. At least I appreciate the tailoring of the dress and the halter neckline but add to that the mousy brown hair color and clunky shoes I’m not sadly not inspired. 

MAGGIE G:I think she looks youthful yet put together. She’s not trying to put on a fluffy dress and pass herself off as a 17 year old. She look chic and fresh and I LOVE her mixing of textures with the Maxmara bodysuit!


BLAKE LIVELY: GUCCI  Excellent choice I must say. The dress color is perfection with her blonde hair and the fit is divine. And instead of wearing a nude heel which anyone else would have done she added leopard Loubs.

ELIZABETH BANKS: Wore a J MENDEL dress and unlike the praise I gave Blake I feel this dress is trying a bit too hard. It seems like she is dressing up at Jennifer Garner in Alias. I believe in Fall this dress would make a bigger splash.

TYRA BANKS: WHAT!!!!! This is not the premiere of Catwoman! What are you doing? Put those girls where they belong! No ma’am!!!!!!


NIKKI REED: I don’t know why but I enjoy this Etro dress. It is completely not my style but I like how effortless it is. She looks natural and boho chic. And you know I’m a sucker for the accent color orange!

KHLOE KARDASHIAN: ROBERTO CAVALLI I am sure people will compare this dress to a beach coverup but I think Khloe looks GORGEOUS! Everything from her hair, makeup to her body. Werk it girl!!!!!

ZOOEY DESCHANEL: Woah girl! What happened???  This Alice + Olivia dress does not look vintage and fabulous but like you couldn’t make ends met and had to borrow this from your older/ heavy sister. Color, fit, too pale make foundation= fail.

 I WON’T APOLOGIZE! I CAN’T HANDLE THIS DRESS!!!! I THINK IT IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I applaud her fun approach to fashion- come on ya’ll it’s a kids show. I saw Bravo! You look like a Superhero!!!!


ONE OF THE LITTLE KARDASHIANS: Are we in the Depression? I feel like this is what War feels like…. Ugggggggg. I have nothing good to say.

SELENA GOMEZ:  ERIN FETHERSTON  SLAM DUNK. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS DRESS IS PERFECT. AND PERFECT ON HER. (It actually looks very similar to a dress my friend Stephen Mikhail showed at the Gansevoort last month). Taste all around!

CAMERON DIAZ: Listen girl…I know what you were going for but it just didn’t turn out just right. Even by pairing those Burak Uyan shoes- you still look very drab. You have to be super tan to rock a matet beige dress.


DEMI LOVATO: Hey you! I’m glad you are feeling better. I really appreciate your beauty styling but I’m not a fan of the dress/heels. The dress didn’t fit properly, the shoe color is off but huge shout out for the color try! Yellow is totally one of your colors.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Too fusy. I would love to see you dress with less make-up and with more ease. I feel your look is always SOOOOOO forced. Add to that this is a night time outfit.

Well I hope you enjoyed my thoughts of the Teen Choice Awards Show. I just love Awards Shows and if I can’t be there interviewing the celebs on the  Red Carpet- blogging about it to my friends is almost as good. Love to hear your thoughts about everything! xoxo, Loftiss

2 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Teen Choice Award Fashion”

  1. I can’t say enough about Blake Lively and Selena Gomez…Selena’s dress was perfect and Blake Lively I think could pull off anything- she’s stunning (I guess there’s a reason for her being the official Channel ambassador). Also, I was really digging what Maggie Q was wearing; I’m totally into the mixing of textures and the monochromatic color scheme! But let’s talk about Tyra now…what was she thinking?! Isn’t she supposed to be up-to-date with the do’s and don’ts of fashion? I mean, I have to applaud her for daring to step out in that, but gurl must have seriously been with a stylist this night! Also, on a final note…I wish Taylor Swift would do something to her hair- she’s one of my faves and as cute as she can be, but her hair is so blah.

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