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Loftiss Says “Cupcake Mag Interview!!!!’


A few weeks ago I chatted with Cupcake Mag about my crazy life! If you don’t already check out this site I suggest that you do! They cover fashion, celeb interviews, home decor and more. I am such a fan! Here is our awesome interview- Thank you Tiffany!!!!!! xo

Chatting with Emily Loftiss!

By: Tiffany Olson

I recently had the opportunity to chat with TV host, image consultant, dancer & model, Emily Loftiss!!!
Emily has been everything from an MTV MADE Coach, to a Radio City Rockette. She’s worked as a TV Host for NBCMTV,Time Warner and New York Fashion Week. She’s traveled the country doing an array of Broadway shows, received national recognition for her choreography and currently models for L’Oreal Professionals.
I just had to get all the scoop on all the fun things she is doing! Read on to hear about her exciting new projects that you will not want to miss out on!
1. Emily, it seems you can just do it all!! Hosting, modeling, dancing… What is your favorite hat to wear?
It honestly changes daily. It truly depends on what I’m doing at the moment. If I am in the middle of Fashion week I think, “This is it! I love nothing more than to interview celebs, designers, and models!” But then a week later I’m performing on stage in front of an audience and I think, “no this is really where my heart is.” I love that in the Entertainment World you can juggle a million businesses. I wouldn’t change my Hosting/Emcee/fashion -beauty blog/dance teacher/pageant consultant/dancer/ model life for anything! I’m never bored!

2. Recently we saw you as a coach on MTV’s Made! What did you think of the experience?
What a crazy 4 weeks that was. You have to remember the camera was rolling ever single second of ever single day. There were over 40 hours of footage crammed into a 1 hour show. There were MANY fights and make-ups that didn’t make it into production. I’m happy to say that Kenzie and I are still in touch and she honestly turned over a new leaf. I love it that she’ll text me “I got a new skirt and jewelry today at the mall! I’ll send you a pic!” She wants me to be proud of her, and I truly am on her huge transformation.

3. You’ve interviewed a lot of celebrities, and met some really cool people. Who was the most interesting and memorable? Give us all the juicy details!!
Hmmmm let’s see. Christina Ricci is THE cutest most down to earth girl on the planet. I swear James Franco was on drugs when I interviewed him! Mel B from Spice Girls has NO filter and will say anything that comes to her mind. She has a mouth like a sailor! Tim Gunn is one of my idols and is completely sincere and genuine. He just kept hugging me the whole interview! Christian Siriano, designer, came to below my shoulder. He is tiny. Kristin Chenowith really is that darling. It’s crazy when your friends become stars-I’ve known Mathew Morrison from Glee for 8 years. Lord we always cut up and act a fool when he’s around. Christina Perri, who’s hit song Jar of Heart is everywhere- I stayed at her house last year and drove her car when she was out of town. She’s the absolute best! Heart of an angel.
4. We LOVE your new site Loftiss Closet!!! I am always stalking out all the amazing clothes and accessories! How did you get the idea for this?
I really try to clean out my closet every 6 months. Well that time rolled around again and I had SOOO many clothes that were already featured on my Hosting Reel or seen on tv with MADE. I just needed to start over. Instead of taking them to a local consignment store a friend suggested I sell them on my blog Loftiss Says. In 2 weeks I sold around $1200 and got rid of so many things. Suddenly ALLLL my friends wanted in. I created Loftiss Closet because it’s the perfect place to pick up fabulous designer clothes at a ridciously discounted price. It’s less intimating then Ebay and I ensure you are completely happy with your purchase. I haven’t had one complaint yet! My best clients are the Southern folks (ps I’m from South GA). I think it’s because they want a amazing piece of New York. It’s a win win for everyone!!!!!
5. What could we find in your makeup bag?

Here are some of my favorite things:
*Bobbi Brown blush in Nectar- perfect summer color
*Nuxe Dry Oil- makes your skin look perfectly dewy and doesn’t break you out
*Ron King -liquid eyeliner I picked up in Austin, TX. I’ll cry when I run out!
*Georgie Beauty false eyelashes- huge believer in fake lashes and rocking them all alot! And these are the best!
*Covergirl Lash Blast- this really is my favorite mascara. I’ve tried them all and this is my go to.
*Laure Geller Baked Blush N’ Brighten -BRONZER!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
*some random bright nail polish- usually orange or Tiffany blue
6. Where do you get your style inspiration from? Do you have a “go to” outfit?
I personally don’t want to blend in and black, especially in NYC, is the go to color. I’m the complete opposite! My favorite colors are bright Orange and Green!!!! I love walking down the street and feeling like a ray of sunshine. I am a genuinely happy person and I want my clothes to reflect that. I take huge fashion risks and feel comfortable rocking all styles and trends. Fashion is FUN!!!! Don’t make it too complicated. My “go to” outfit day look is a blue jean onesie I picked up in Nashville. Just add tons of gold necklaces and bangles, orange lipstick, my cat-eye sunglasses and light brown sandles. My night time look is always a little dress. I am loving this color blocking dress from Lohemans with a yellow blouse, white skirt and grey zipper up the back. Louboutins nude heels and a Tory Burch gold clutch.
7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? We can’t wait to see all the fabulous things you do!
WELL THAT IS THE QUESTION OF THE YEAR! I just wrote a Make-Over TV Show and I’m trying to figure out how to fine tune that and workshop that to different networks. I’d love to be hosting a fab show related to Fashion and Beauty while working on my make-over book. I know I have to get some bigger things under my belt before I start my empire of books, fashion line etc… I just keep trucking along and I know it will all happen. This is when hard work and faith join hands.
8. What is next for you? Any new projects in the works?
I’m still modeling for L’Oreal. I am teaching Masterclasses in Dance and business side of Entertainment Career across the US. I just launched “That Would Work If….” Seminars when I help clients tweak their closets in being more fashion forward. Writing for my blog -which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! I’m really great about keeping my website/blog updated so check them out to see where in the world I’m traveling next!
9. What is your best advice? For anything!
DREAM BIG!!!! If I was realistic about life I would have never moved to NYC, danced professionally for 8 years, booked gigs in tv, print, commercials, tours etc. I have always been my biggest fan and surrounded myself with people who love me and want me to succeed. If you want it….make it happen. I really do believe in making your own fate. And when you do make your own choices on your life you will be happier within than you can ever imagine.
Don’t you just love Emily?? She can seriously do it all! We are so glad she is a friend of cupcakeMAG!!
To keep up with Emily or to contact her for image consultations/Masterclasses, check out her website: And please check out her blog: to learn about Fashion, Pop Culture, Beauty Tips and more! Also check out her newest site, to score some amazing clothes and accessories!
You can also follow Emily on twitter!! @EmilyLoftiss And be her facebook friend!!
And don’t forget to check out CUPCAKE MAG YA’LL!!!!! xoxo

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