Loftiss says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOG!!!!!!!”

WOW!!!!!! What a crazy year this has been! I can not express how creating this blog has brought me imense joy. I have made so many friends/fans from Loftiss Says and the feedback,pr and messages I’ve received from this site is beyond overwhelming. I thought the best way to celebrate this lovely day is to post my first blog from August 5, 2010. I hope you continue to grow with me as my baby grows….. Thank you all for your support!

Loftiss Says “pulling focus” is just my style

I’ve thought long and hard about what my 1st blog would be about and I decided personal style is the way to go. Anyone that knows me knows black is just not my thing. My closet looks like Miami has exploded. All bright colors, rhinestones, feathers, spandex….it’s just ridiculous. I mean what do you expect? I was born a Southern Belle, lived in NYC, LA, Vegas, competed in pageants, best friends with more gay men than I can count, and a  performer. What can I say…I’m a mut. I like to call my personal style TACKY GLAMOUROUS. I just love it when a friend will text me a picture of a horrid/fabulous gold lame’ purse and say “only Loftiss can rock this!” I know I’m a caricature of myself and would have it no other way. Personal style is never right or wrong…it’s just YOU!!!!!


AMEN!!!!!! Please keep up with me on twitter, facebook, subscribe to my blog, and feel free to write me and pass along my site! I can’t wait for millions of more posts and collaborations. I hope this blog brings you as much happiness as it has  brought me. Again- I love each and every one of you!!!!!! MWAH!!!!! xoxo, Loftiss

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