Loftiss says “Headscarves and turbans”

You know what I’m loving right now?!?!!? HEADSCARFS AND TURBANS!!!!!!!  When I went home to GA last week  I, of course, went through my mothers old scarves. Mama Loftiss literally has a HUGE drawer full of vintage scarves. I have always admired her collection. I took it upon myself to search through them one by one and bring some back to NYC so they can have a second life.

Here is a look at some stunning head wrap moments….

My fierce friend Nikka

Rocking a wrap in Austin, TX

Sporting a turban at my last Birthday Party

These headpieces just makes you feel sexy and completely powerful. I say work it ladies! You know you are going to get looks when you wear this style but if you are ready for the attention- DO IT!!!! It doesn’t matter were you get the item you twist on your head… just rock it with pride!!!!!

xoxo, Loftiss

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