Loftiss says: “Spray painted jewelry”

SOOOO love reading other people’s blogs and getting fresh ideas for my closet. Especially ideas that are good for your bank account!  My new super-talented assistant, Ryan, introduced me to this fab blog: The Style Sample . Tamia had the genius idea to spray paint a necklace. Not only does this make your piece an original but it shakes up your accessories that you’ve worn a million times. Check this out…

ORIGINALLY POSTED by Tamia from The Style Sample


Since I tend to gravitate to “colors” like gray and black, I wanted a cheap and easy way to add a shot of color–something bright and playful, almost cartoon-y.

I found this slightly weird necklace in the $1.00 bin at a flea market and decided it was my mission in life to paint it an obscenely bright traffic-sign yellow.

The whole project only took about 10 minutes, and I let it “hang dry” on my fire escape for the rest of the day.

I can’t wait to wear it with something gray, or maybe black–or ooh, navy. Mission accomplished!


DONE AND DONE!!!!!!!!  I will ABSOLUTELY do this. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets oh my! Thank you for getting me excited for tomorrow’s Hell Kitchens Flea Market in NYC. MWAH!

xoxo, Loftiss

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