Beauty Tips

Loftiss Says: “Beauty Product of the Week: Baked Blush n’ Brighten”

You know when it’s summer and you have that gorgeous healthy glow and the last thing you want to do is fool with a lot of make-up? You just want to throw on a sundress, some fabulous shades and call it a day! Well I’m here to introduce you to your new favorite product: Laura Geller’s Baked Blush N’ Brighten.

After receiving my Birchbox Box of the month my newest most wonderful item in my make-up toolbox is this. The blush/hightlighter bowl of magic swirls together perfectly to give you that flushed look that you are always trying for. The past few weeks I’ve just been using the Baked Blush N’ Brighten and a little mascarra for my daytime look!This product comes in these three colors and has a mirror inside for when you are on the go (perfect for your beach bag, clutch or purse).

I’ve tried several of  this type of swirl and go make-up and the colors have always been just a little of. I’ve always been left feeling disappointed. Well I promise you that this item is different. With the smooth application and just a little bit of sparkle you can apply all over (eyes, cheeks, forehead, all places where you would put bronzer) and be done!!!!!

I am in love. I think you will be too! Try it for your self!

xoxo, Loftiss

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