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Loftiss Says: “Stacey’s Wedding Make-Up”

Eight years ago I met my very first friend in NYC at an audition for The Producers on Broadway. Stacey and I became instant friends and have worked together in pretty much every arena (theater, Rockettes, Letterman, live gigs etc…) Not only is she a talented performer but is one of my most favorite people in my life. She always supportive and completely selfless. Today Stacey Sund becomes Stacey Abeles. I am absolutely devastated to be missing her wedding but I am finishing my last city on my L’Oreal Tour and actually playing a bride myself. The day before I left I did a trail run of her make-up. Here are some pictures from Wednesday….

Her fab make-up. Great brands!

Before shot. Not a speck of make-up….I mean could she be more naturally lovely?

After shot. TA DA!!!!

Upclose shot

The tip with Wedding Make-up is to look like a better version of yourself. Don’t try to recreate yourself. Just look like the best you! Now the process:

  • I prepped her face with Laura Mercier primer added shimmer on her check bones first.
  • When I think of Stac I think of her amazing eyes, this was the focal point of her look. Thick liquid liner on top and smudged brown pencil liner/eyeshadow on the bottom. I always complete the eyes before moving on to foundation.
  •  My trick is to have shimmer UNDER your foundation. It makes your look more natural and like your gorgeous skin is shinning through.
  • I convinced her to let me use my bronzer on her even though she is very fair. She ended up LOVING it and went straight to Sephora to pick some up.

We were really happy with her final look and I’m sure today she is looking like the most stunning bride today.

Stac’s cheet sheet.

HAPPY WEDDING MY LOVE! Here’s to the most wonderful day of your life and to a life full of love and laughter!!! CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR EVERY DETAIL- LOVE YOU FOREVER 1ST NYC FRIEND!!!

And if you want to see her article/ video in the NY Times:


xoxo, Loftiss

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