Loftiss Says: “Loftiss Closet!”

Hello my darlings. I’m proud to announce I’m trying my hand at another business. My Blog Sale was more successful than I ever imagined and my friends all saw it and they wanted in. I didn’t want to make my precious Loftiss Says into a Clothing Sale Store because I started it as a place for me to share my fashion, beauty tips and pop culture secrets. I thought about having it for a while and decided to have a trial run called Loftiss Closet.

My plan is to have 2 friends every 2 weeks open their closets to the public. It will be all super fabulous, slightly used designer clothes. This is all new to me so I’m making the rules as I go. I highly suggest you check out this sight and pass it along to your friends. I would love for this to be an ongoing site where there will be constant flow of new clothes, new styles, new sizes, new looks, new trends to be shared by all!

Soooooo GET INTO IT!!!!!


XOXO, Loftiss

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