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Loftiss Says: “Favorite sites for deals. Shopping People!”

People are always asking me what sites I use to get amazing deals. I’m all about looking like a million dollars for a reasonable amount of $$$$$$. I am going to share with you my go-to websites, lovelies!

BEAUTY!!!!! Eyelash extensions, teeth whitening, massages, facials. This is THE site to get your beauty fix coupons! I’ve bought soooo many deals on this site and I’m looking to get more as a treat for when Mama Loftiss comes into town on June. Spa day for the Loftiss Ladies? Yes please!!!!!

SHOPPING!!!!!! INCREDIBLE SITE!!!!!!! And if you live in a big city you should for deals in NY, LA, Boston, San Fran etc… You pick out what brands you love and once a day you get major % off your favorite designer looks! I’ve picked out Tory Burch, Diane Von Furstenberg, Alice and Olivia, Nicole Miller, Nanette Lepore.

RENTING!!!! If you have an event like a Engagement party, Wedding, Black Tie Event or even New Years Eve this is the site where you can rent a knockout dress and give it back in a few days. You choose the dress you want in 2 sizes (so you know one will definitely work), pick the dates on a calender and you’ll get it a few days before dry cleaned and ready to wear. I’ve never used this but my girl Julianna used it and had rave reviews. Check it out! If you are into renting and you want the “in” bag…this is your site. Just like Jennifer Hudson in the Sex and the City movie rent the perfect bag this season.

VACATIONS!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh who doesn’t want to go to Puerto Rico in January?!?!?! Phenomenal deals. This is a MUST!

ALL THINGS FABULOUS!!!!!!! & Fabulous deals on everything in your area. They have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your hood!

Happy surfing!!!! xoxo, Loftiss

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