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So sorry to be behind on my blogging but Emily Loftiss: Choreographer/Teacher as been working alot lately! I’m currently in South Georgia loving the gorgeous weather and Sweet Tea. I wanted to share with you my latest genius product I’ve come across. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads.

Now we all know I’m obsessed with #1: skin care  #2. being tan. This is the perfect marriage of both!!!!!!! These towliettes have Vitamin D that pulls the pigment in your skin to the surface to enhance your natural color. So bascially you wake up looking more refreshed with gorgeous glowing skin rather than the crazy too dark “I look like Magda from Something About Mary!!!!!”

This multi purpse product does EVERTHING!!!!!!! 

*Active Vitamin D and Soy Protein to clairfy skin

*Vitamins A, C, and E to protrect skin

*Glycolic and Lactic Acid to exfoliate dull dry skin

*and everything is Odorless ( you know your man will be happy about this!!!!)

I really can’t stress how much I love this product. It comes with 20 packets that you can take in your purse or on a plance to instantly get a more healthy looking you. You can get Dr. Gross products HERE!!!!

Happy Healthy Tanning! xoxo, Loftiss

3 thoughts on “Loftiss Says: “DR. DENNIS GROSS GLOW PADS”

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