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Loftiss Says: “BEAUTY WATCH: Sally Hansen Nail Strips”

Last week I was shopping with my bestie, Jen Rias, at Target. I had a arm full of Easter decorations, Mascara and US Weeklys when I stumbled upon the nail aisle. A box with a leopard printed nail caught my attention and I instantly knew it was something I MUST try.

Enter: Sally Hanson Salon Effects.

First off its wasn’t difficult to apply. I was ready to have Jen be my assistant but I soon discovered the directions on the box were as simple as they were mentioned. Nicely packaged in the box is a wooden cuticle stick, nail file/buffer, instructions and two packages of nail stickers…equalling 16 stickers. (I have 10 fingers not exactly sure why 16 was the magical number. For mishaps I suppose?) I choose the glittery gold polish and after twenty minutes had perfectly gorgeous nails without the wait time of drying.

I had major success with these nails. On Day 4 they still looked pretty perfect. Sadly I had to remove them this morning to film and gold glitter didn’t work for my look 😦  But it looked like they had another good 4 or 5 days in them.  For $10 you don’t have to worry about chipping and the pattern looks as sharp as the second you applied them.

I would 100% recommend these strips. Happy Shopping!

xoxo, Loftiss

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