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Fashion, Dance and Art

Fashion +  Dance + Art = Rachel Roy Film’s MOVE

I was so thrilled to speak with Super Talent Jermine Browne who choreographed MOVE. He said his inspiration was the clothes. Jermaine said “for example the Green asymmetrical dress had a streach. I had the idea that while one girl was wearing it  another was hidden underneath and to choreographer her streaching and pushing against the fabric, with her hands, face, and head. I wanted it to be artistic and dark at the same time showing the strenght of the dress. When I saw all the creams and brown clothing I got the feeling of marbel and from marbel I thought of Museums and from there I though of using those designs with contempoary movements. To make this a diverse film I decided to use 5 different styles: Ballet, Contempoary, Punk/Rock, Hip Hop and Jazz.”

Don’t you love how artistic people think?

They wanted to show Rachel Roy’s consumers as women that are “ uptown, downtown, upper east side, to down. That you can use dance and fashion together to create something special and different. Create something that’s not all about Fashion, something that’s ART.”

I’ve been lucky to work with Jermaine before and he is as charming and kind as he is brilliant. And the one of the lovely dancers, Leah, was my roommate at one point. How special to have this video in the universe collaborating fashion/art/dance.Thank you.Thank you. Thank you. *

xoxo, Loftiss

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