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Loftiss Says: “Oscars Fashion”

So here’s the deal my friends. I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what I think about each star and their red carpet look. You might agree or you might not…that’s the fun part of fashion! You take risks, roll the dice and the next day read on the Internet what worked and didn’t work. Here’s my 2 cents…..


Tangerine! Honey you are break taking in this size 6 Valentino Dress. I am thinking about signing up for Weight Watchers after seeing you last night. Brava lady!!!!


I really love this gown. It fits her like a glove.

But I am not a fan of the hair or jewelry. I wanted the hair to be in a fabulous up do (like a french twist) and the the emerald necklace doesn’t fit for me with this fully sequined dress. Maybe if the dress was a boat neck I’d like them together.


OK, Celine just had TWINS a few months ago and looks insane!!! I want to drink this dress. It looks molded to her body. As always her alterations are spot ( ie hem and cuffs) fitted but never tight.  Perfection.


Exceptional in every way. I would love to have this exact gown as a wedding dress. This nude color is sublime with her skin color.


WHAT.IS.HAPPENING. Why do you have on a cheap looking fall? This looks totally Vegas. I’m very disappointed. This is not 60’s. It’s terrible.


This might be my #1 look of the night. This metallic fabric looks like it’s dripping from her body. I praise the deep V neckline and bone straight hair. Calvin Klein still has it kids!


Nicole used to be a style icon but recently is totally missing the boat. Are you hanging out with too many country stars who can’t dress? This dress looks like a bad duvet cover then you added red shoes? RED SHOES????? No ma’am.


Congrats on your win my dear!!!! You are beyond lovely but I wished you weren’t so matchy matchy. It looks like you went to Davids Bridal  and got your shoes dyed to match the dress. Also I do not like these earrings. They were moving so much during your speech that I was distracted from your words. I would have loved a cluster of jewel tones for your earrings and a nude/gold sandal.


WHY ARE YOU SO CRAZY?!?!?!?!? I think you have one of the most stunning faces around but you choose to do Pageant Hair gone bad and clothes from a busted consignment store. I wish someone would snatch you up and help you with your potential. You just remind me of a crazy aunt.


Now this is Red Carpet Fashion at it’s best….WOW! You look like a Supermodel. Simple Calvin Klein dress with just a bangle, pretty makeup and va va voom hair.

I am blown away.


After being a Fashion Victim numerous times I think she received some help recently. (Good idea..leave it to the pros). This dress is stunning. It’s remarkable detail looks beautiful on Mandy. I would have like drop earrings instead to keep it looking a bit more young…but overall wonderful.


This seems to be the dress everyone is discussing. Do you love it or hate it? I have to say I’m not a fan. I’m allllll about taking risks but this structured dress seems more like a uniform than gown. I’ve seen better on Cate. I have to pass.


In my Top 3 favorite looks. The color, the fabric, the lace detail of this Ellie Saab dress is….spectacular.  This is just striking.

Extra Credit: MEN’S FASHION

Jessie Eisenberg-sloppy

Justin Timberlake-sharp

Christian Bale- can’t get past the beard

Colin Firth- WORSHIP the rhinestone buttons

Javier Bardem-classic.

Mathew McConaughey-Best Dressed

*I’d love to hear your thoughts!!!! Message me your fashion Hits and Misses. And remember to follow me on Twitter!!!! xoxo, Loftiss

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