Beauty Tips

Loftiss Says: “Robin’s Egg Blue”

Nail Polish…

…it’s an important detail to finish off a flawless look. Well, I’m now in that odd place where I’m OVER dark polish yet it’s not time to pull out the Day Glo Orange. I was going through my goodie bags from  Zang Toi’s Fashion Show when I found a deep treasure all the way at the bottom…..a 4 pack of nail polish set!

Let me see:

Clear- I’d rather die.

Purple- not my color.

Grey- too blah for me.

Pale blue- hmmmmm let’s investigate.

Not only am I OBSESSED with this Robin Egg Blue color but I’m finding myself led to this color all week. I just picked up a new pillow in this shade to add to my bed. It’s the perfect pick me up to get to Spring. Check it out lovers…..

xoxo, Loftiss

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