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Loftiss Says: “MTV ‘Made’ Experience”

I had the BEST reactions to my MADE debut on MTV. Thank you all for watching!  If you missed it, don’t fret- it will air for the next few years. Always look for “Kenzie. Girlie Girl” episode. And as soon as it’s online you know it will be on Loftiss Says. Here are some behind the scenes pictures from my 4 wks in Independence, Missouri. What a CRAZY journey this was…ENJOY!!!!

Day 1: Yes I’m in a Cinderalla Dress… and I rocked it!

Mr. Butler and i doing our impression of “Dancing With the Stars”

Cutting off those talons!!!!

Kenzie’s FILTHY room

My reaction to cleaning Kenzie’s room

7 hours later…. I’ll be happy to get you your own Loftiss poster

My little love note

Notice the shirt? Great touch right?!?!

One of our many ettiqutte classes. This was her praticing  flirting with gentle touching. It’s not going well.

This was after Fight #6 at the gym….it’s 5:30 am. Please notice the redbull

Here’s Natalie. My producer and the genius camera woman

Beginning the make-over…

My pretty princess

Holla!!!! Getting some fierce weave!

I have on Kenzie’s extensions. Don’t I look like Hannah Montana?

Kenz seeing her new look for the first time

Eyebrow, make-up, hair done…now we just need the dress

Dancing away!!!!

My favorite kid…John.

My two favortie girls in Missouri

Saying goodbye to my great student


I would love to hear your thoughts, please write me!!!!Also, get ready for a Question and Answers Blog about how to Girlie-Fy Yourself!!!!!  xoxo, Loftiss

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