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Loftiss Says: “MTV’s Made”

So the BIG DAY IS HERE!!!!! My episode of Mtv’s MADE is airing at 4pm est. I am the Coach/Image Consultant and I make 16 yr old Kenzie from a Tomboy to a Girlie Girl. I haven’t seen one second of footage so I’m thrilled to see how it all turns out myself! I’m so lucky to have so many people support me and help me promote this event and I wanted to share some of the great articles written this week. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the show and if you miss it don’t worry, it runs in syndication for 3 years on Mtv and Enjoy these article and buckle up for this INSANE ride you are going on in Independence, Missouri!!!!!

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Emily Loftiss: made woman

If there are two things we truly believe in, they are as follows:

1. have fierce, will travel.

2. our girl, Emily Loftiss (we can’t even say her name without following it with a solid “WEEERRRRRRK!”). She’s one of our firsts, our favs and forever on the short list of leggy GIVE IT’s we would go to in a moment’s notice to make our dreams come true – and OOOH, awesome segue: and speaking of making others’ dreams come  true, watch her in action onMTV’s MADE this Friday at 4pm as she mentors a tomboy trying to channel her inner girly-girl  – Ma’am will have her in lashes and Louboutins before the first commercial break, rest assured!

So here’s to Emily “don’t let my television host/celebrity fashion editor/lifestyle consultant/dancer/model/blogger fame hit you on your way out” Loftiss, and here’s to having fierce. WEEERRRRRRK!


Dancer/Fashion Editor Emily Loftiss Appears on MTV’s ‘Made’ 2/18





MTV’s “Made”, the reality show which follows teens as they work toward a goal with the help of those who have already achieved success, originally aired in 2002 and has since gone through ten seasons. For the show’s eleventh season, which premiered October 5, fashion editor and dancer Emily Loftiss will teach 16-year-old Kenzie to become a “girly girl”.

“‘Made’ remains one of our most popular and enduring franchises,” Chris Linn, Executive Vice President of Production for MTV has said. “Its relatable stories about young people overcoming obstacles and pursuing their dreams…are a great example of our commitment to delivering diverse content specifically crafted for the MTV audience.”

Emily Loftiss appeared in the 2006 national tour of DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS. She was also a BroadwayWorld correspondent for the openings of ROBIN AND THE 7 HOODS and TIME STANDS STILL, in addition to being a fashion editor and image consultant.

While being filmed over the course of four weeks in November/December in Independence, Missouri, Kenzie – with Emily’s help – attempted to transform from a tomboy into the belle of the ball in time for her school dance. The episode airs Friday, February 18, at 4 pm EST. It will run in syndication on MTV and for three years.



*Emily Loftiss On How To Go From Pageant Girl To Fashionista

emilyloftiss2 Emily Loftiss On How To Go From Pageant Girl To Fashionista

Emily Loftiss

Its not everyday that you get the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week (NYFW) wearing some of the hottest labels with backstage access and VIP front row seats. Well that’s how Emily Loftiss rolls! Emily Loftiss is a former contestant of the Miss AmericaOrganization from Georgia who now lives in New York City pursuing her career in the fashion and entertainment industry as a TV host.  She takes a quick break from Fashion Week to give The Pageant Planet the inside scoop on her adventures as an Image Consultant for Chic TV, co-owing a pageant consultation business and working on MTV’s Made!

Q:  Emily…where do we even begin? Could please share a little about your experience and successes within the Miss America Organization?

Emily Loftiss: I competed for two years at the state level in Georgia. In those two years I won the Swimsuit Award (2x), People’s Choice Talent, the Miss America Community Service Award for my involvement with my dance program “A Time To Dance” implemented at Boys and Girls Club of America. Also, Second Runner-Up at Miss Georgia. Now I am a co-founder to a consultation firm “Competitive Edge” where I focus exclusively on pageant preparation. I have clients all across America.

Why Emily Loftiss Quit Pageants

Q: Though you only competed for 2 years, how did you come to the realization that you no longer wanted compete in pageants?

Emily Loftiss: I have trained my entire life to have a career in dance. I was currently a Dance Major and Theater Minor at the University of Alabama and I was ready to graduate and start my career in New York. I truly loved competing but I decided to focus ALL my energy on beginning my career as a professional dancer.

How Pageantry Opened Doors for Emily Loftiss

Q: Upon graduation to headed to the city where everyone has dreams…NEW YORK! Did the skills you learn in pageantry help you to establish and create a name for yourself there?

Emily Loftiss: There is no doubt that my training for the pageant world prepared me to succeed in New York. Auditioning is ALL about being prepared. I learned how to set goals and complete them even when I had four auditions in one day! I’m know my attention to detail helped me land my job with the Radio City Rockettes. My interview training helped me with my nerves when I had to audition for huge casting directors. Presentation is also a  huge part of the pageant world and goes hand in hand in the entertainment world. You have to give the directors exactly what they want so the right look, audition wear, and physical fitness are key to success when you are competing against 150 other women for 1 job.

Emily Loftiss MTV’s Made

Q: Tell us a little bit about some your current projects. I know you’ve working with Chic TV as a fashion correspondent and editor and we recently heard a little something about you working with MTV’s MADE as a pageant coach??

Emily Loftiss: The past few years I’ve been working on my second career as a TV Host. My expertise is as a Celebrity Fashion Editor and Image Consultant. My pageant business is a huge part why I am an Image Consultant. I am also working as a Fashion Correspondent forCHIC.TV and just covered my third Fashion Week for my blog. “Loftiss Says” is a blog where I discuss all things entertaining ( i.e Fashion, Lifestyle, Pop Culture, Beauty Tips and Trends). And YES my episode of MTV MADE is Friday, the 18th @ 4pm EST! I am the Coach/Image Consultant and I make 16 year old Kenzie from a Tomboy to a Girlie Girl.  You must tune in!!!!!

Emily Loftiss on Pageant Hair

Q: This month on The Pageant Planet we are discussing pageant hair and since you’re a New York fashionista we couldn’t think of a better person to ask…what is your most favorite yet quick and easy/fashion forward hairstyle?

Emily Loftiss: Ohhhh you can never go wrong with a bummed ponytail. It looks completely chic and works for casual to evening wear.  If you want to add extra pazazz to your look add a hairband/ elastic band with a fabulous embellishment. (I have a rat tail comb in my purse with me at all times. You never know when your hair looks flat and you need to do a hair change in a flash).

Q: Emily if you could offer ONE piece of advice to the Pageant Planet family what would that be?

Emily Loftiss: Everyone has an opinion on what you should do with your life but only listen to yourself. Your gut will never lead you astray. If you want more out of your life, then choose it and go for it!!!! You can only shine as bright as you’ll allow yourself.

*You can watch Emily’s show on MTV MADE this Friday (as in today!), Feb. 18th at 4 pm EST. For Updates and pageant information go to Also follow her blog to keep up with all things fabulous and lastly become her fan on Facebook, The Emily Loftiss Fan Page!!!


xoxo, Loftiss

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