Loftiss Says: “Review of Day 2 Fashion Week”


This collection was absolutely flawless. The chunky sweaters were completely comfy, jackets altered to perfection and the fingerless gloves and hats are functional and chic.

This is a perfect jacket. Every man should have a camel colored jacket.

Trenches are always a great choice.

This fabric is so luscious I could drink it.

I loved how the guys finished the show in their Perry Ellis sweatshirt and long johns.


Obsessed with this metallic dress.

Call me crazy but I love this suit…the color, the exaggerated waist. I’d rock it.

Since I’ve watched Black Swan this was the only thing I could think of during the showing of these pieces….


I had a lovely time sitting 2nd row at this show. I’ve interviewed Nicole last season and after 21 years in the biz she is a legend. I didn’t love the first few pieces (a little too geometric and not my taste). But there were some pieces that were spot on.

This is a light shirt that went underneath many dresses in several colors. It’s a great tool to have in your closet so if you want to rock a more Summery dress it’s totally acceptable. You don’t have to be wrapped up in a big cardigan.

These are two great pieces. It looks incredible together or as separates.

THIS IS THE COAT! If only you can see how it moved down the runway…I was mesmerized!!!!

Inside Lincoln Center.

Off to Charlotte Ronson tonight. xoxo, Loftiss

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