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Loftiss goes skydiving…

To end my remarkable week of Vacation Week on “Loftiss Says” I thought I’d share my skydiving video (insert screams!) I was going to edit it down a bit, put in subtitles, jokes etc then decided to share EXACTLY what happened. This is the dvd that SKYDIVE ARUBA handed me 5 mins after I jumped.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, I have I am putting on lipgloss in the plane right before I jumped. What if the birds where watching?

2. No, I wasn’t nervous….just totally excited.

3. Yes, I was sing from “Legally Blonde” after the parachute opens.

4. Yes, I did a quick interview with my instructor because I’m always thinking of my Hosting career. Perfect for a travel show!!!!!!!

5. Yes, free falling is the best rush I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to do it again!!!!

6. No, I have always been this crazy!!!!!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!! AND ENJOY!!!!!!! xoxox, Loftiss

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