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Loftiss Says: “What’s in your basket?”

I feel like everyone should have a basket full of things that brings them sublime happiness. For example as soon as I eat a hand full of  kettle cooked salt and vinegar chips I am instantly 99% happier. My basket is full of shinny leggings, leopard, coke slurpees, the color orange, onsies, false eyelashes, Tory Burch, oversized glasses, sugar free redbull, bronzer, and tacky gold accessories.

As I was preparing for my vacation I threw my suitcase on my bed and before I packed a thing ran to grab my nail polish. What gives me a jolt of happiness?ORANGE DAY GLO!!!!! How can you be in a bad mood when you look down to see this magical color next to tan skin and sand?

What’s in your goodie basket of happiness? Write me! I absolutely want to know.



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