Loftiss Says: “Travel Must”

Hello there my lovelies!!! Oh how I missed you all. I was on vaca in Aruba and was unplugged from the world.

Sorry I couldn’t report on Golden Globes fashion *Sidebar my favorites were: Angelina, January, Eva, Olivia, Anne, Emma and Mila.* Since I ALWAYS seem to be traveling I thought this week I’d write travel tips/vacation musts/beach fashion etc! Don’t worry I’ll post my sky diving video later…no really. I skydived!

I wanted to share with you one of my MOST prized possessions while on the move… a digital luggage scale. Think about it, how many times have you been 5 lbs over and you have to unzip your suitcase throw around tolietries, people staring at you while you are sweating trying to stuff a pair of skinny jeans in your purse? And do you really want people judging what you’ve packed and seeing your undergarments? I don’t. I’m serious. This is a genius product that is usually around $20-30. You can find them anywhere from Target, Wal-Mart to Bed Bath and Beyond. This product will save  you time and embarrassment! BUY ONE! 

PS: make sure you pack it with you!!! You never know what you will buy and need to bring back home. Example: my rhinestone nutcracker.



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