Loftiss Says: “Ralph Lauren Sneek Peak”

Yesterday I had the pleasure of choreographing Ralph Lauren’s new fashion video. The clothes were lovely. The fabrics are luscious materials that are perfect to run around in the Spring. Not too heavy, just exactly what you want to wear when the weather gets nice. I can’t really tell you too much about the video but please know I am waiting with bated breathe to show you how beautiful the clothes move. Gorgeous!!!!!!  And the sunglasses are to DIE FOR! I will absolutely get me a pair, mark my words.

*And here’s my little fashion secret that I can share with you. Which color will pop up all around for Spring for RL? Orange. I’ll post the video the second it’s released. In the meanwhile start making room in your closet for some new clothes. They are going to FLY off the racks!



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