Loftiss Says: “Five Finger Shoes”

I’m sorry.I must be honest with all of you. I can’t keep quiet anymore. These 5 Finger Shoes that are roaming our land are unacceptable.I remember like it was yesterday walking down the streets of New York City, enjoying the sunshine on my face, red bull in hand, ipod in ears and then I spotted a man with these shoes on. I literally stopped in my tracks and gasped  “WHHHHAAATTTTTTTT!!!!!!” Did my eyes deceive me? Was that really a webbed man strolling down 9th Ave. Does this help with his swimming?Is he an amphibian? I was so concerned that I marched right home and looked these shoes up on the web.

It has been tested that Barefoot running is healthier and more beneficial. These Vibram shoes give the identical benefits of running without shoes with added comfort. I understand these are meant for extreme athletes, that they are helpful with balance and optional for extreme long distance runners. But what can I say? They make me feel uncomfortable. I was taking a Zumba class last month and a man stood next to me with these contraptions on and I had to move places. There was NO WAY I could focus on my cha-cha next to those shoes!

So there you have it. If you want to run the New York Marathon I support you. But I can not support your footwear.

xoxo, Loftiss

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