Loftiss says “Obsession: Alexis Bittar”

I was introduced to this designer by my dear friend, June. She has a closet that will make your mouth water. One day I was at her penthouse in Chelsea and noticed her ring. It was wooden with the most intricate crystal snake on it. I begged to put it on as she explained to me the wonders of Alexis Bitter. Ahhhhh I was sold.

Upon research I discovered  he is a New York native who was one of the first street vendors on Prince street in the mid 1980’s. All of his jewelry is handcrafted and he is  known for transforming chunks of lucite into art. I love that he was quoted saying “I think people want to adorn themselves because they want attention. I mean that’s the bottom line, you want attention.” You hit the nail on the head with that mister! And how can you not when wearing his stunning pieces…          **

xoxo, Loftiss

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